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"In Memory of my Brother Gary"

By Dotti




Gary was born December 15, 1942 & I remember him starting to share his vocal talent after he graduated from high school.  He formed a folk band called "The Stowaways" with Denny Popp & Alan Dahl & they performed in local coffeehouses & bars.


Gary had a voice like an angel with a good 3 octave range...he would give people goose bumps everytime he sang.


When my sister, Sheri , Gary & I were all kids, Gary used to love to tease us....we lived in the country & he used to catch snakes and spiders and chased us with them...he knew we would scream! (As we all grew up though, Gary turned into a nice guy with a good heart.)


When Curt was looking for a 4th vocalist for the GoldeBriars, Gary auditioned but Curt turned him down .... I suspect Curt didn't liked the idea of 2 lead singers in the group.  (The GoldeBriars wound up with just 3 singers long-term anyway)


Gary's singing career received professional recognition when he stayed a bit in Hollywood, California in the mid-1960s when he landed a recording contract with his Minnesota friend, Ray Molina with 20th Century Fox ...They recorded only 1 single record, "Why" & "Meaning of My Mind".  These recordings include vocal background arranged by Curt & sung by Curt, Sheri & I....This is where you can download this single as a memory to Gary.  Please note on "Why" Gary's awesome solo vocal on the Chorus!


Gary also recorded 2 home demos "The Wind" (this song is also on "Sometimes Happy Times"  CD) & "Love's a Natural High" for me on an old reel to reel tape recorder several years ago & you can also download them here at no cost.


                   Click Song Title to download MP3 File on "Why" "Meaning of Mind" "Love's a Natural High" & "The Wind":

  "WHY"                       (Click here to see pic of single)

"MEANING OF MY MIND"    (Click here to see pic of single)

"LOVE'S A NATURAL HIGH"   (Written by Dotti)  
        See Youtube Video:

"THE WIND"                                (Written by Dotti)

   See Youtube Video:

"CLOSE TO MY BABY"        (Written by Gary & Recorded in 1984)
 See Youtube Video:

"SUM OF IT ALL"            (Written by Gary & Recorded in 1984)
See Youtube Video: