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July 2006 NY Times Review

"Once Upon A Coffee House"

aka "Hootenanny A Go-Go"

Sixties Classic Movie Collectible on DVD (Region Free)

Filmed in 1964 with 'sixties clich´┐Ż script'...
Fun & witty to watch!

This is an upgraded version of this film & includes Bonus Features: 
Producer's Commentary, Goldebriars' Documentary & Photo Gallery

Color Movie - 79 mins. plus Bonus Features

DVD Specs:  "Region Free" (will play on all standard DVD players)

Oscar Brand performs 2 memorable songs.
This is Joan Rivers first movie appearance...
as Joan with Jim, Jake & Joan.

Includes 2 GoldeBriars' (Curt, Ron, Dotti & Cathi) scenes:   with Curt featured
in one scene on vocal of "Slow Me Down Lord" & GBs singing "Honey Bunnie"

The GoldeBriars sang movie's theme song
titled (of course) "Once Upon a Coffee House"

During this period of time, Sheri had left the GoldeBriars & Cathi Weaver was "the other GoldeBriar girl" for three months...this was the only performance that Cathi did with The GoldeBriars.  The GoldeBriar girls were blonds for this movie (Cathi was a natural plantinum blond).

...After this movie & some rest time at Curt's parents home in McLean, Virginia, Cathi returned home to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to her fiance & Sheri then "rested" rejoined The GoldeBriars. (I don't have any pictures of Cathi in The GoldeBriars' book as I didn't have any pictures of her, so this movie is the only time you will see her...She performed with Curt as a duo, The Chalices, during High School before The GoldeBriars.)

       This DVD is readily available for Sale by searching the web.

    You can email Dotti at: