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Book cover by Dennis Ellefson



Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

"YOUR OWN SHIP" is now downloadable for free as a PDF at the bottom of this page.

With over 200 Poems...Many 'Sunshine pOP' (penned 1965-1970s)
including Dotti's Christmas poem collection of 35 years

Spectrum of Poetry--  Childlike, Naturalistic, Philosophical, Romantic, Spiritual, Off-the-Wall & Witty, and Christmas

Includes Dotti's Photo Gallery (to include pics of Sheri), Intro & Afterthought

Artwork by Dennis Ellefson & Sheri (Dotti's sister), and other talented artists credits
Photographs by reknown Daniel Catherine (Sheri's husband)

About Dotti:
  • Children's author of songs and plays & creator of The Right Choice Kids puppets (
  • Past singer and recording artist with '60s group "The GoldeBriars who recorded 42 songs with 2 albums released in the mid-60s and the rest of the recordings released by Sony in 2006 in Japan & the US.". 
  • Soloist/writer on 2002 Sundazed Music release "Sometimes Happy Times" CD of 17  Sunshine Pop songs and re-released in 2023 with a new cover as a stereophonic LP and CD with edited liner notes and new photos & 5 bonus songs with 4 of them sung by Dotti's brother, Gary. 
  • Writer of The GoldeBriars' Story eBook:  "Whatever Happened to Jezebel?" released 2004.
  • Featured article in Shindig Magazine's March 2023 Issue!

                           Preview "Table of Contents"

Below you will find a sample poem from each chapter of "Your Own Ship"
(in pdf format)

PART I:  A CHILD'S REFLECTION              Click here for sample poem:  "Fun Away Child"                
PART II:  MY SECRET GARDEN              Click here for sample poem:  "As You Watched Alone"      
PART III:  PHILOSOPHICAL TRIP           Click here for sample poem:  "Grow & See" & "Wisdom Grows" 
PART IV:  MOON, TIDES & MY LOVE      Click here for sample poem:  "Take Me For Me"                
PART V:  A POT OF GOLD IS AN AURA OF LOVE    Click here for sample poem:  "A Pot of Gold" 
PART VI:  SALT & PEPPER POETRY       Click here for sample poem:  "Hugo, Minn."                      
Click here for sample poem:  "Peace"                     

Go to DOTTI'S "RightChoiceKids" Children's website "Christmas Year-Round" Page:  Christmas Song, Recipes & Poetry: 

You can download & view "YOUR OWN SHIP" eBook PDF here
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