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"Best of the Goldebriars...Walkin' Down the Line" released in UK

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The GoldeBriars--An innovative folk-pop-rock group of the 1960s...

On the Brink of Success--Starving, Laughing, Crying

Their important role in the Birth of Sunshine Pop

You have now beamed yourself back into the 'Sunshine pOP' era of the sixties where you will get to know THE GOLDEBRIARS, a 1960s group who recorded 41 songs with Epic Records & there were two released albums: "The GoldeBriars" & "Straight Ahead!" 

Original Group Members: 

Album "The GoldeBriars"
From left:  Ron Neilson, Dotti Holmberg, Curt Boettcher & Sheri Holmberg

Album "Straight Ahead!  The GoldeBriars"
From left:  Curt Boettcher, Dotti Holmberg, Sheri Holmberg & Ron Neilson

Dotti Holmberg's The GoldeBriars' Story "Whatever Happened to Jezebel?" is now available & is based on a diary Dotti kept while in the you will find the "real scoop" on the GoldeBriars' history & their struggle to climb the ladder of success in the music business!  

Each eBook contains both English & Japanese Text.  Music collectors will enjoy the GoldeBriars' 1964 performance on ABC Hootenanny Show included with the eBook (before the time of VCR's, so it's actually a copy of the broadcasting film).  Also now available as a PDF downloadable!  

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Intro to Bobb Goldsteinn & his 'Foreword' to GoldeBriars' eBook ...

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