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ANNOUNCEMENT:  3rd GoldeBriars' CD, "Climbing Stars" released in Japan September 20, 2006
ANNOUNCEMENT:  "ALL" Goldebriars' Music released in USA October 1, 2006

History of the GoldeBriars' Recordings
 1964 - 1965 under the Epic Label

There's over 40 GB Tracks in the Sony-BMG archives with 15 unreleased (listed below).  

Many people have never heard any of the GoldeBriars' recordings (which are rare to find & the albums can go for big bucks on EBAY) ...Important to note, the first album was contemporary folk, 2nd album had a more "pop flavor" & the unreleased 3rd album had evolved to pop-folk-rock.

I've received many welcomed GoldeBriars' fan emails over the years about how someone loaned their GB album 'way back when' & weren't able to get it back...Here's one story how a GB album disappeared from a fan's possession & how excited they are to have the GB music now on CD---

Thank you Dotti.........I'm looking forward to 1965 two friends of mine got their hands on a GoldeBriar album and reproduced the sound; to a point.
They needed a female vocalist, that was my girlfriend. They did a bang-up job and played coffee-houses from Albany N.Y. to Springfield Mass. for a year.
As it would be, I ended up w/album #1, protecting and playing it for 20 years. During a divorce situation my Ex-wife decided the album must be hers and absconded w/it. so be my tale of woe and my deep desire to replace some of the sweetest sounds ever recorded. I suspect it's time for me to change the strings on my 12 string, tune it and be prepared to strum along...............Thank you again for the opportunity to indulge my auditory senses.......Greg

Below you will find six MP3 sound clips from the GoldeBriars' first 2 albums.

The GoldeBriars' were an important part of the Birth of Sunshine Pop...Their story is told by GoldeBriars' Member Dotti Holmberg in "Whatever Happened to Jezebel?"...Click here

First Album - "The GoldeBriars" 
(Epic #LN24087 & BN26087 (Stereo & Mono) released Feb. 1964)

                    Railroad Boy MP3 Sound Clip                 
                    He Was a Friend of Mine 
                    Come Walk Me Out 
                    Alabama Bound 
                    Pretty Girls & Rollin' Stones 
MP3 Sound Clip
                    A Mumblin' Word 
                    Old Time Religion 
                    Long Time Travellin' 
MP3 Sound Clip
                    No More Auction Block  
                    Sing Out Terry O'Day  
(Written by Curt Boettcher)
                        Voyager's Lament 

Second Album - "Straight Ahead" 
(Epic #LN24114 & BN26114 (Stereo & Mono) released Aug. 1964)

                Sea of Tears    (Written by Curt Boettcher &  Bob Goldstein)
                MacDougal Street   
(Written by Beverly Ross)
                I've Got to Love Somebody  
MP3 Sound Clip
                Jump Down   

                Sweet Potatoes  
MP3 Sound Clip
  (Written by Curt Boettcher)
                No More Bomb 
                Queen of Sheba 
                Joy, Joy, Joy  
MP3 Sound Clip
                Castle on the Corner
(Written by Bob Goldstein)
                Zum Gale Gale  
                Ride That Chariot  


Last Single Released in 1965 from 3rd Unreleased Album (due to group breakup)
(Epic Single 45 #5-9806)

June Bride Baby    (Written by Bob Goldstein & Beverly Ross)
I'm Gonna Marry You  
(Written by Bob Goldstein)


Unreleased GoldeBriars' Epic Recordings...

(But soon to be released by Sony Music Direct (Japan) & Collectors Choice Music-USA...See links above for more information)

These songs were extra recordings (recorded 11-18-63 thru 11-26-63) while recording for the first GoldeBriars' album--

"Saro Jane"
"My Song"
"Que Bonita"
"Sunshine Special"
"We Shall Overcome"

These are extra songs recorded for the 2nd album on 5-5-64, & recordings on 12-11-64 for the 3rd GoldeBriars' all these recordings (including choosing some of the unreleased extra recordings listed above) would have created a 3rd twelve-song album--

"Nothing More to Look Forward To"
"I'm Gonna Marry You"
(extra track recorded 5-5-64 by original 4 GB members)
"Freight Train Blues"
"Last Two People on Earth"
"Hush, Hush"
"Nothing Wrong with You That My Love Can't Cure"
"Walkin' Down the Line"
"Tell It To The Wind"

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