This is...Pop!

Dotti Holmberg
Sometimes Happy Times

This record isn't one of the Sundazed label's reissue projects, but a recovery of recordings that were never issued at all.

They should've been. Fans of the now-in-vogue "Sunshine Pop”" and 60s pop in general will enjoy this collection of studio and demo recordings from 1966-70.

Holmberg's Sunshine Pop credentials are firm. She was an original member of the GoldeBriars, a New York folk quartet that also included Curt Boettcher, who went on to pioneer the heavy on harmonies and naive optimism genre with the Association, the Millennium and Sagittarius.

The GoldeBriars did three records for Epic and then fizzled, with Boettcher leaving to do production work in Los Angeles. He called in Holmberg to do some backup sessions for Tommy Rowe and others, eventually deciding to produce some solo singles for Holmberg as well.

Those 1966 sessions, which include originals by Holmberg alone and in collaboration with Boettcher and Sandy Salisbury kick off this compilation. The opening track, "I Sing My Song," features a bass line reminiscent of Sagittarius' "Keeper of the Game" and the rest of the album stays in a similar poppy, lightly psychedelic vein.

"Back Before I Met My Mind" (the title says it all) features Pet Sounds-like production and chorale harmonies. Some tunes feature a touch of bossa and there are lots of ba-ba-bas on the choruses. Holmberg's vocals are pure and clear, belying her folk singing past. She has a nice range--sometimes sounding baby-girl cute and sometimes ethereal and somewhat spooky. The lyrics can get a tad precious and hippy dippy at times, but Sunshine fans, particularly those interested in Boettcher's work, are sure to enjoy.