Author’s Notes

'New Moments to Remember' CD


Of the eight songs contained herein, six are of recent vintage while two (“M-G-M GOLD” and “Home in Yourself”) have appeared previously on earlier CDs that feature songs from the prospective score. The words and music are the work of one writer with the exception being the song “Nice Young Ladies” -- for which the lyrics and dialogue were written in collaboration with another former Wynnefield resident, the gifted Bob Ost (Central ’68). In addition to his many credits, Bob is also President of Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU), an educational and support services organization for the performing arts community ( Mr. Ost’s participation in the writing and recording of “Nice Young Ladies” was made possible by the first grant from The Roger Edens Foundation for the Care and Feeding of the Art of Special Material and the Science of Stem Cell Research.

 The Glenn Miller recording of “Washington Square” (B. Goldsteinn/D. Shire) is again available – this time on a two-LP single CD: The Glenn Miller Orchestra – ‘Glenn Miller Time—1965’ and ‘Great Songs of the Sixties’ (Collectables Jazz Classics, Collectables Records, Box 35, Narberth, PA 19072). Regarding “Washington Square,” Collectables has reissued a total of eight albums on Compact Disc with different arrangements of the song.

 Lou Christie’s recording of “Canterbury Road” represents my final collaboration on a song with Curt Boettcher -- producer-arranger of the Association’s “Cherish” and “Along Comes Mary.” “Canterbury Road” symbolizes a pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Canterbury as one of a party of wayfarers seeking spiritual resolution. In the fall of ‘68, Lou recorded “Canterbury Road” and somehow Paul Simon’s engineer Roy Hallee heard a playback of the unmixed tracks and offered to mix it -- which he did. We now had what we thought was a pioneering 24-Track Master. However, Buddah Records -- Lou’s new label—was not impressed. Some ‘reviewer’ copies were pressed -- but never circulated. No ads were taken. The record was never ‘released’ and – consequently – it disappeared from view. Cut to: Twenty-five years later and “Buddah make a Miracle!” An old airlines in-flight music cartridge containing a pristine tape copy of “Canterbury Road” is unearthed in a Dutch flea market and it immediately becomes the centerpiece of a unique Sequel CD from the UK entitled: Lou Christie, ‘Glory River’ The Buddah Years 1968-1972. Now you have a chance to hear the song that influenced both Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and The Beatles “Long and Winding Road.” (By the way, Lou’s birth name is not ‘Luigi Sacco Christie’ but ‘Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco.’ Sorry about that, Lou.)

 Especially right now, I consider myself an incredibly fortunate artist and for this, I give Thanks -- For the Support of my finest Producing Partner, Al Marcus; for the Thoughtfulness of bOgO!s Annie Burns, for the Commitment of Graphic Artist Steve Schneiderman, the Spiritual Clarity of my dear GoldeBriars’ Colleague – Dotti Holmberg-Waddell, the Exceptional Artistry of all the Participants on this CD and my long overdue re-association with Doris Schuster Schor, Richard Karton and my other fond Classmates on the Reunion Committee. May God Bless Us All. (Signed) Bobb Goldsteinn